ORO Y Luz 2019

A unique place, the pleasure of living an unforgettable experience.

The Oro y Luz restaurant is a very special and suggestive place that makes your stay pleasant, exciting and memorable. White is the dominating colour to maximize the beautiful light of Cabo de Gata, which is experienced nowhere else.

Our priority is to offer our guests the very best: an exclusive service, delicious dishes of the local tradition and can be found only at Oro y Luz. The creativity of the chef is unequalled: his dishes of the Andalusian tradition are re-interpreted in his exclusive and delicious way. Also the wine list is a little jem….not to be found elsewhere. A luxury offered by Oro y Luz at really incredible prices!

Unmistakable flavours -thanks to genuine, fresh and ecologically farmed products- are combined to innovation to let our guests experience the best of gourmet cuisine as well as the full of taste.

Last but not least even the charming lighting of the restaurant will contribute to let our guests spend an unforgettable evening.

Chef invites guests to enjoy his dishes.

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Vegan Menu

Wine list

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